Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture & farming has been a primary engine of economic expansion and social transformation while playing an important part in the development of civilization. The evolution of agricultural practices resulted in the creation of new agricultural technologies and processes, allowing human civilisation to advance. In addition to being a critical sustainable supply of food, fibre, and other items for humans, it is also a significant source of employment, employing over 1.3 billion people globally. For generations, India's agriculture industry has been a significant aspect of the country's economy. India is the world's second greatest producer of food, with agriculture employing more than half of the country's workforce. The agricultural industry in India is diverse, with a wide variety of crops grown throughout the country. In this category you may find information on agricultural & farm consultants, agricultural machines & equipment, agro products & commodities, animal & bird feed supplements, bactericides, bamboo & rattan products, beans, breeding of animals, cashews, coir and agro products, commercial farming, fertilisers & soil additives, flower & potpourri, garden planters, pots & urns, greenhouse supplies & equipment, guar gum, herbicides, horticulture & garden tools, irrigation and harvesting machines, jute products, livestock & animal husbandry, organic farming, plant, flowers & dried flowers, potpourri, poultry equipment, raw cotton & cotton waste, seeds & plantation products, shade net, soil conditioners, starch, husk & agro waste, storage silos, tractor parts & tractor assemblies, and so on. Also you can get the details about Agriculture related services and products manufacturer, suppliers and exporters in India. Indian Business Pages is aware that knowledge is synonymous to power in today’s world. By giving you, the users, access to its validated and extensive database, IBP empowers you. IBP gives you all you need and more. Our highly regarded team of experts has meticulously verified each piece of this database before it is made available to you. IBP strives to provide all the information you could need, at your fingertips. Choose IBP, because we understand India Ka Vyapar!</p>

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